I am Zuliana.

This blog is about my personal.

I am an introvert, mostly I just hear people and act really invisible, sometimes I looked extrovert. I’m very well about my personal, and be friend with myself first,  I’d like something personal, also the way to looking people around.

I am a vegetarian since 2008,

because I’m an animal lovers, just a reason before some people ask me why. Of course, I do diet just like another girl. I also enjoy to be more positive to see my body and life together. I believe that anything’s come from inside.

I almost throw my interests about anything, but not so random, I just using Media wisely for pleasure, mostly for plant something I supposed it works for tommorows, I still learning and grow something I sow, Media is real touch, this means to communicate by what I mean to be, if this’s ain’t works, I try another.

I feel young, I’d like anythings make me happy, I’d like humor, I do no like pointless.

I’d like Music, many things are influence me to making art instead of life. So, I am what I listen, I read, and I watching today.

I like debate, I like to give my opinion but not really force somebody else agree about mine, sometimes, I feel better to silent, when I think it’s no make sense, not because I have no answer for.

I like to think I’m free, because yes, I am right.











So, lets fly with.


I do not try hard, I am hard.